We're ending hunger. Imagine that.

And you have a role, too.

You are the fuel of this movement to transform Tampa Bay in just five years. Imagine what can be realized when everyone has fresh food and can live healthy, fulfilled lives.

"Hunger-free" means
that every single person
in need has access to the
right food and knows
where to find it.

Together, we can shape the next generation.

We’ve evolved—imagining and implementing new, innovative solutions—so no one goes hungry. We’re providing 115 million meals every year for the next five years so employees can achieve more, families can make more memories together, and students can focus on their education. With every volunteer hour or $1 donated, you can bring us closer to ending hunger in Tampa Bay.

Volunteers handing out food at a food pantry


supplied within
the past year

Volunteers taking a break

Together, we can change the wellbeing of our community.

We promise that 80% of the food we deliver will encourage healthy living. By fueling potential with wholesome food, we promote endless possibilities. In supporting our programs, you can see how fresh food makes a difference for people that are impacted by barriers like food costs, mobility and language.

A man carrying a box of donated food

Together, we can engage our community.

We’re rallying our vast network (that’s you!) to grow our capability. Together, we will launch regional community empowerment centers, fostering long-term stability for those in need. Ending hunger only begins with food. When you support programs that restore a sense of dignity through nutritious meals and compassion you do more than serve; you connect.

A student raising her hand in class Illustration of cheerios

Together, we can empower people to have a better future.

Food brings us together. But our goal goes beyond food—to guide people out the vicious cycle of hunger and provide them with the skills and education they need to unlock their path to self-sufficiency. By removing barriers to employment through training programs like FRESHforce, your contributions can promote a heathy workforce and give our neighbors the foundation for a lifetime of success.

A trucker sitting in the cab of his truck Illustration of vegetables

A hunger-free Tampa Bay.

Can You Imagine It?

A transformation this big can't be done in a bubble. Or alone. It requires support throughout a community. By joining us on this journey and signing up, you fuel our movement and bring us closer to ending hunger.

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