A Hunger-Free Tampa Bay

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Hunger-free (adj.)
a community in which any individual or family can thrive through access to healthy food and/or the development of financial self-sufficiency.

There's enough food. But, not enough
space to provide access for all.

Every day, families in our region go hungry while thousands of pounds of food are turned away or lost because of the limitations of our facility.

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There is more than enough food available to end hunger, but we lack the space to ensure this access for all.

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Our new facility will increase our capacity to deliver 2x more fresh produce and perishable goods, and reduce the cost per meal by up to 25%.

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The current space limits the expansion of programs and collaboration that will enable self-sufficiency.

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We are closer than ever to a hunger-free Tampa Bay.

When we end hunger by providing access to food, we create the psychological space for these families to focus on improving their economic condition. Yet, this is a problem that has a very straight-forward, cost-effective solution.

a Hub of Opportunity

A purpose-built facility will increase capacity to close the meal gap and connect people to the resources that enable self-sufficiency. This hub of opportunity will be a place where possibility comes to life, where our volunteers are engaged and empowered, where families can shop in a neighborhood grocery store and where dignity is served daily.

the Capacity to End Hunger

Feeding Tampa Bay has launched a bold $39 million campaign to build the facility that will fuel a hunger-free community. Through this facility, we will have the capacity to meet the entirety of demand for food in our 10-county region.

Rendering of the new Feeding Tampa Bay facility

New Facility Outcomes

2x More fresh
75M Additional
25% Approx. cost
per meal
70% More volunteer

Your Place in the Solution

We need your help. Your investment in this facility will change lives. Not only will it create the capacity to serve our community’s increased and growing need for food, but it will also nourish healthier, more capable people.

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